LYRICA (pregabalin) offers low potential for pharmacokinetic drug interactions for your patients

Based on a physician survey,*87% of FM patients were taking
2 or more classes of medications1a, 1b

  • LYRICA does not inhibit or induce major CYP450 enzymes
  • LYRICA is negligibly hepatically metabolized
  • LYRICA is renally excreted as an unchanged drug

Medications with no clinically significant potential for pharmacokinetic interactions with LYRICA

*Results of a 2006 survey conducted by Pfizer Inc. The 403 physicians surveyed were US GPs, rheumatologists, OB/GYNs, neurologists, psychiatrists, and pain management specialists.


1a. Data on file. 2006 market opportunity study. Pfizer Inc, New York, NY.

1b. Data on file. Blockbuster Strategy Group. Fibromyalgia sufferer flow: global quantitative findings. April 4, 2006.