FM Patient Case Study: Mrs C

Tracking progress

It's been 6 months since you began treating Mrs C for FM, and she has made gradual improvement. In that time, you have adjusted the dosing of the medication you prescribed to manage her symptoms.

There have been some setbacks, namely that her symptoms flared with the onset of winter and it affected her mood.

At one point, you invited her husband to accompany her to an appointment to reinforce for both of them how important it is for Mrs C to engage in gentle physical activity, and you helped them brainstorm together about ways of doing so. You also invited her husband to join his wife during her next appointment to help him feel included and invested in his wife's care.

Mrs C has made use of the self-management information she has found on the Internet. Your follow-up visits have tracked progress in the specific areas she has worked on. At her most recent visit, she showed marked improvement in pain, sleep, fatigue, and overall well-being, which you have encouraged by reviewing her 0-10 scores over time. You have also encouraged Mrs C by reinforcing the progress she has made toward her goals. She was able to host her daughter's play date during the third month post-diagnosis, and she currently cooks dinner 2-3 nights per week. She still has good and bad days, but with pacing and scheduling Mrs C does more with her family and is now focused on ensuring that she and her husband have a date night every 2 or 3 weeks.

Given Mrs C's progress, you have scaled back your follow-up visits from monthly to every 3 months, unless issues arise.

patient picture

In 6 months since diagnosis

  • Gradual improvement

  • Medication titrated to
    manage symptoms

  • Occasional setbacks

    • Symptoms flared with onset
      of winter, affecting her mood

  • Husband invited to attend an
    appointment to reinforce
    importance of physical

    • Brainstormed during visit on ways to achieve this goal

    • Husband invited to join wife at next appointment

  • Patient uses online
    self-management program to
    facilitate progress

Current ratings on
NRS (0-10)

  • Pain: 4

  • Sleep quality: 4

  • Fatigue: 5

Goals attained

  • Hosted daughter's play date
    during third month

  • Cooks dinner 2-3 nights/week

Goals attained

  • Visits scaled back from
    monthly to every 3 months