Health care provider FM management resources


Numerous resources are provided here to help you manage and educate your patients with FM.

This monograph is a product of the FibroCollaborative, an educational initiative supported by Pfizer Inc. It identifies core principles and practical strategies for managing FM in the primary care setting.

This educational patient discussion guide features talking points for healthcare providers covering the basics of Fibromyalgia as a condition and how to manage it.

An at-a-glance reference card detailing the 4 core pillars of the FM framework, as well as a review of the components of an FM treatment plan.

Full-text version of the case study of a patient with FM, Mrs C.

Interactive tools

This collection of FM patient assessment tools can provide you with measures of a patient's pain and symptoms at baseline, as well as a way to track patient progress over time.

Numeric Rating Scales (NRS) for Symptoms and Functions in Fibromyalgia 1,2
  • Can be used to assess
    functional impact/
    symptom severity
  • Values directly entered
    into patient's chart or
    electronic medical record
  • Patient can complete,
    taking <2 minutes
ACR 2010 Preliminary Diagnostic Criteria 3,4
  • Consists of widespread
    pain index (WPI) and
    2 symptom severity
    (SS) scales
  • Provides alternative FM
    diagnostic criteria to ACR
    Tender Point Exam; SS
    portion may be used to
    track progress over time
  • Valid, reliable diagnostic
    tool; not yet validated for tracking progress
  • Physician or office
    staff can administer
Revised Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQR) 5
  • 21 questions to assess
    functional status and
    symptoms over the
    previous 7 days
  • Can be used to track
    specific functional
    domains or symptoms
    at initial assessment and
    at each visit thereafter
  • Physicians or office staff
    can administer, taking
    <2 minutes
Modified Visual Analogue Scale of the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (mVASFIQ) 6
  • Quantifies the severity
    of individual FM
  • Provides the basis for
    initial treatment plan
  • Identifies most
    bothersome symptoms
  • Patients can complete,
    taking <2 minutes